Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of April 20, 2019, for, a web site owned and operated by Christopher Allen in Anoka, Minnesota, USA.

The site currently does not provide any way for users to deliver personal information to the site, and does not use Web cookies. Therefore there is no database of user information as there is no way for users to provide this information, and the site does not collect any information from third parties about its users.

The site does provide the opportunity for users to send a general business message or a webmaster-specific message to the owner. These messages are sent by email and records are not kept on the site. Email from first-time correspondents are assumed to be general business correspondence and are treated accordingly.

As with every web site, in order for there to be web-based communication and publishing, the user’s Internet Service Provider must deliver an Internet Protocol address in order for the web page contents to be sent to the user. As with every web site, the site owner and/or technical service vendors may from time to time log IP addresses, and review these logs to answer these questions:
* When is the site accessed by its users?
* Where are the users’ ISP’s located, and what are the general geographic locations from which users access the site?
* If access to the site appears to be either intentionally malicious or inadvertently disruptive, who can be contacted about that?
If there happen to be currently retained IP address logs when there a seemingly disruptive or malicious attempt to deprive well-intentioned users of access to the site, these logs are released to technical service vendors and to relevant authorities. In addition, any IP address logs that happen to be currently available may be released to incident investigators or by court order, but there is no guarantee that any particular logs exist at any particular time.

If further information is needed about this privacy policy, please notify the site’s Webmaster at the provided link.