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Welcome to Central Step!

This is your resource for a FRESH perspective on marketing for more sales and profits, for business growth and turnaround, for new types of products and sevices, and new, better ways to promote and sell… generally, for a substantial improvement in business success WITHOUT having to buy a lot more advertising.

How would you like to learn and apply brand new, fresh approaches to business that are NOT the same old “conventional wisdom”… are NOT the same routines you’ve heard about for years… and are NOT AT ALL what your neighbors and competitors are doing, but are brand new ways to better delight your customers, to have stronger powerful relationships with them that bring more sales and profits your way, to hav a business that more uniquely expresses you and what you value and love in ways that are tangible and, if you wish, ultimately sellable or can be passed along to the next generation?

That’s what this business is all about: to find, select, evaluate, integrate, and make useful to you, with step by step guidance, the most empowering mindsets and methods from around the world, to build up improvements and make breakthroughs!

How about learning from a sincere young Russian, who was exiled by Stalin to Siberia, how to break the contradictions that have been holding back progress in your industry for everyone? We’ll look at that together.

How about using a technique originally applied in Japanese shipbuilding, which also reduced costs of introducing new cars to only a third of what they used to be, and virtually eliminated half a year of rework changes the competition still had to do to try to get things right? If it was that powerfully effective for such large, complex, expensive ventures, could it also streamline and improve what’s done in small and medium businesses? We’ll look at that too.

How about having an Israeli physicist guide you through project management, with a completely counter-intuitive, conventional wisdom shattering definition of why to not include any “just in case” slack time with your tasks… except for the specific places where you should have it, letting you finish on time despite unexpectedly running late? We cover that here as well.

These approaches have each been proven through the decades in many industries across many continents, but they are NOT well known approaches; even many MBA and engineering programs do not cover them. (It’s also possible to graduate from fully half of the top 10 MBA programs without a single class focused on how to create products and services that delight customers!)

My greatest success is not that I’m thanked for providing a pep talk about what everyone already knows but didn’t happen to feel motivated enough to do, nor that I was employed to do routine tasks that clients could have done themselves but just happened to be too busy to do.

My success, rather, comes through my providing brand new ways to do things that you have not already been doing, and to build on what you are doing in new ways that are increasingly unique, true to the best nature of your individual vision and circumstances, appealing to your buyers in ways the competition can’t match.

Henry Ford wrote, “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said, a faster horse.” They did not know what he already knew: that it was possible to deliver a car for the masses, a car affordable, simple, sturdy enough for everyday use. Ford provided what nobody knew to ask for, and the Model T put America on the road.

Steve Jobs, in Apple Computer’s early days, did not respond to any classified ads that said, “Want to buy a computer with an unprecedented graphical interface that’s easy to use, send us your bid and we’ll pick whichever is cheapest.” By combining research his engineers brought to his attention with his own sense of aesthetics, he made “insanely great” systems that won a loyal following.

Walt Disney never sent a resume to a listing that said, “If you can draw a talking mouse, have we got a paycheck for you!”

These innovators had immense creativity in their chosen fields, flashes of insight and moments of good luck. Yet one of the greatest yet mostly unknown discoveries of recent decades is this: that level of innovation which creates game-changing, fortune-building hits in business, is not at all limited only to the kinds of people who are thought of as always creative, nor to hoping for lighting to strike.

After seeing many examples of how this works in the Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 worlds, and then spending thousand of hours researching it further (at a time when there was little else I could do, dealing with my sweetheart’s ultimately fatal cancer and then my own, which I survived), I have a unique definition of exactly what it takes to make innovation work, and a step by step format to help you achieve it, and a passion for making this my life’s work for the next chapter of my journey.

This is different. Not just from not happening to use the same vocabulary, you really were NOT just talking with your neighbor about the independence and integration axioms; you were not conversing with your spouse about blue ocean value engineering to reshape markets; your neighbor did not remind you of grade school experience with constraint management to make unprecedented new types of services. This is not a rehash or touch-up of the same ways that everyone has always done things around here.

Fortunately, you don’t need to learn anything technical or confusing, to become a spreadsheet jockey, to diagram root cause analysis through the logic of necessary and sufficient conditions, or to quantify what buyers will most love for you to show how you empathize with them by giving them what the competition can’t figure out. I’ve got that ready for you as a guided, straightforward process.

Let’s discuss it! I’m reachable on the Contact page and look forward to talking with. An initial consultation is free, and a variety of coaching, consulting, strategy, promotional communications, and educational services are available. Thanks for reading!